Do not get any delphin vacuum cleaner.

Its a Scam. I bought mine for more than $3500 claiming that they offer 10 years warranty and some additional parts.

It is almost 6 mths and they have not even delivered the additional parts which was agreed during purchase. I paid in full and they just run away.

Even they do not honour their 10 years warranty. Its just 6 months and you just cannot get any aftersales support from them.

The product looks good but can't even have adequate suction power to suck up the dirt and dust. And its noisy as a air purifier.

Very bad experience and I felt totally cheated.

Review about: Delphin Singapore Vacuum Cleaner.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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Had a demo at my place recently and the usual results from such a demo is that the beds are really dirty;the water turns black etc. Really gross.However I am usually quite a sceptical person but I must say this machine is really useful.The guy showed me how to clean the air con and it was pretty amazing.I mean how many system u know can clean bed and air con.But the coolest bit was he even unclogged my basin choke.

Pretty fascinating.Eventually after a couple of hours I did get the machine. And have been using it as a air cleaner almost everyday.Did try using for the air con and it's quite easy.

Nothing too complicated.Bed is easy. Results are good.Everything has been great so far...Big thumbs up !!!


I have been using delphin vacuum system for 3 years now . Bought it due to my sinus problem and for my dearest doggie who has skin allergic .

I use it for purifying the air with essential oil and to clean my bed twice a month .

My sinus improved after a few months of using it and have since stop using steroid cream on my doggie . Worth buying :)


First time , about two years ago I did tried Delphin demo. I felt shocked when I realised how dirty of my bed but I didn't buy.

This is because I m a very careful guy and I did some research online , then found out many negative reviews like this so end up stop me to move into it. Six months ago, one closed friend of mine highly recommended me to give Delphin another try , because his nose allergy almost gone after used for few months, and the one referred him is a doctor who also Delphin owner.After the second demo, i learned Delphin can do air cond services and save much money if I do myself.

Then, I decided to get one . Until now, I still satisfy what Delphin can do for my house and bed.


Have both Rainbow and Delphin machine.

Honestly I think Delphin is better in terms of usage and performance overall.

It's much lighter. Rainbow is very heavy for my helper.

But most importantly there is no filter maintenance. So it's only just water.

So really much easier and better.

Cost may be on the high side but it's a healthy investment.

There are no machines out there that can do bed+aircon+air purifier.

So I must say it has been a thumbs up investment !!


I purchased a delphin vaccum for my family about a year+ ago, I find that it's a good buy. My girl and I have very sensitive airways and we are very prone to dust allergies.

After using delphin, my girl's sinus and asthma doesn't act up as often and we don't get dust allergies from home. Initially I thought it was quite expensive to purchase a vaccum for almost 4k.

But with this machine I now save money as I don't have to spend extra on air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and even air con servicing and the machine doesn't give me any problems so far. I would recommend my friends to try delphin as well.


I had purchased a delphin vaccum for like 1 years, I find that the machine is very good in doing mattress and especially cleaning of aircon, initially I find it quite expensive to purchase a vaccum for 3k +++, after using it for a year, i didn’t engage any aircon Servicing and save quite alot, if it does serve me for another 5 year, I think is a good buy

Desoto, Texas, United States #1275307

I have used mY Delphin vacuum cleaner for 10 Years and never had a problem with it until now. My separator broke and I cannot use it without the separator and I have seArched the internet for this part and cannot find a separator for a DP 1001Delphin vacuum cleaner.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #1235199

I've heard a lot of negative comments about Delphin but I am not sure if it's really a scam because I didn't buy one. I tried using Rainbow because that was my mom's machine and it's just ok for me.

But if you want to have a great one that really works well, I would advise you to buy Ritello machine. It does a lot of things at home not only during general cleaning but in everyday and it's really worth it.


Hi can I ask this vacuum I bought less than 2 years and now part of the vacuum is spoilt....

What should I do

Can exchange it?

Anyone can help


Hi i bought this Delphin vaccum cleaner in Singapore sometime back. It served me well but it is giving problems..i has been 5 years since i bought it and can't seem to reach the manufacturer in Singapore.

The after service sucks and i wish i could repair it.

I am niw based in Paris n i would advise anybody not to fall for the promises of the warranty.

I wish i could repair it out here or do something about it and would be happy if anyobe could advise me on this.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #931893

Who's the sales personnel who serve you? If what was promise and can't be deliver why not call up the company or write in an email? I had mine for 11years and have no problem with the machine as it's still working well and they do serve me FOC servicing and maintainence of the machine.

to Delphin user #992470

I could not reach the sales service in Singapore...the breakdown happened only after a year i moved out from Singapore. I called the office in Dingapore and nobody bothered to reply.

I could not reach them. Unfortunately the warranty is only 3 years after purchase if bought in Singapore and ten years if you are in Singapore. Seems so unfair.

I had managed to fix it temporarily in Aberdeen but after moving to France it is still giving trouble.

I have managed to reach ProAir inGermany and have copied my complait to their rep in France.

Hope something good comes out of it all. Undoubtedly if there was no breakdown it is a fabulous vaccum to have


I have owned a Ritello for almost 2 years.

I sent it for the second yearly service check up recently and more important than anything is after sales.

they are an amazing team and very proud to be a Ritello owner.

Cleaning has never been easier and so satisfying.

different people have different opinions but I advise everyone to see Ritello before purchasing any other product to compare and know what you purchase not just waste your money and get cheated

Most important is that I run my machine app 5 hrs everyday and has not once been packed in my store room.

Mountain View, California, United States #926374

Pal, even a $100 cleaner has better suction power, this is a outdated technology product, their manufacturer is a scam.


I also have same problem in MALAYSIA, who can helping me please contact me 84186606.

to yong Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia #1265319

Pls call me @ 601152977778, maybe can help you

Lakeland, Florida, United States #890279

Just an Fyi....you can purchase a Ritello cleaning system through Ritello USA located in Lakeland , FL. Where a full on warranty center is available for any services you may need.


you contact pro-aqua.hk , they will exchange a new machine with real 10 years warranty for you


Very pushy sales. After u say no their attitude changed. I didn't buy the machine even though it seems gr8.


I am wondering if all the good comments here are Delphin's employees. This is by far the most sub standard after sales service I have ever seen.

To those who say there is no hard selling, pluuuuease!!! On the day of the demo, the van is parked downstairs with all the equipment ready to be sold and "offer ,for the day only". This is not hard selling? Suckers like me!!!

Once payment is made, the service changed.

They promised many additional benefits for buying their equipment including aircon servicing for 4 units at $15 each. Booked one month in advance and never call back though each time they say they would (only when I call them). Last four days (prior to the scheduled date), no one bother to pick up any calls using their 1-800 number. Wrote email twice and received a call and each time just delay tactics and lame excuses.

told me schedule is full and when I told him I called 1 month in advance, suddenly one slot is available tomorrow at 1:30pm. Next thing he told me is the aircon servicing is only sucking the vent and nothing else and I told him that is exactly why I called earlier to inquire and nobody bother to return a call and provide any info.

At $3.5K, you must as well buy a Dyson and other air purifier at a fraction of the cost. i am being *** so hope you guys won't fall for it too.

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